Former Rothenberg workers claim mistreatment and money management issues

As TechCrunch has previously documented, there’s been an exodus of ability in the Rothenberg “ecosystem,” amid states of the substantial break of fiduciary tasks as well as other abnormal conduct from the opportunity firm’s president, Mike Rothenberg.

This week, we’ve mastered more information about supposed staff violations within Rothenberg Ventures, lately rebranded as Frontier Tech Ventures, in addition to the River Group, a personal reality organization including River Studios and lots of additional products.

The claims are that Rothenberg set strain on personnel to arrange together with his political values in an exceedingly public method; quit personnel without compensation for authorized function expenditures which they charged with their particular cards and records; and hectored personnel have been on physician-requested medical leave to retain functioning while these were unfit to take action.

An lawyer representing Mike Rothenberg stated that the claims being claimed today as well as in previous experiences below were “inaccurate to a troubling degree” and “biased” but didn’t further complex.

In several illustration former personnel declare Rothenberg urged peers have been on medical leave to carry on carrying out work, despite he’d gotten words from their physicians getting time-off.

TechCrisis reviewed correspondence between Rothenberg, and a worker confirming he recognized this individual was also ill to function, and communication that shows Rothenberg approached this individual in their ill leave with work demands.

Rothenberg also supposedly needed personnel to fund authorized function expenditures independently charge or charge cards usually, accordingto six former personnel of the deposit and VR organization.

In many instances he didn’t give them, they mentioned, as well as advised former workers their fees might demand fresh approvals and may be repudiated by him.

As TechCrunch’s Connie Loizos previously noted, former staff and Chief Financial Officer for Rothenberg Ventures Management Co., David Haase, has also recorded case against Rothenberg for violation of agreement and disappointment to give him for $100,000 in operation costs.

Today, many former personnel do have more than one thousand pounds in un-reimbursed expenditures compensated using their particular cards, consequently with this wild exercise, they said.

In some instances, Mike Rothenberg provided professionals his or her own American Express “black card,” to take care of significant, authorized expenditures, including to pay for sellers for services delivered they said.

That’s since, former personnel discussed, there is so much crazy use, therefore several significant fees, on the boss’s card as well as their own private cards, these were flagged by finance institutions as perhaps having been compromised, or worse, committing fraud.

Mike Rothenberg was also regarded as discussing reliable fees together with his charge card supplier, former workers thought.

Finally, Rothenberg urged personnel to arrange together with his political values.

According to many former personnel in the undertaking company along with the personal reality organization, Mike Rothenberg turned “obsessed” using the thought of beating Donald Trump while in the future election.

He might call and wording personnel whatsoever hours of the afternoon and evening, they mentioned, including on the particular cell phones, to observation about politics, and motivate them to publish anti-Trump material with their social-media feeds.

Suddenly, without advanced notice to personnel or limited partners in Rothenberg Ventures’ finances, Mike Rothenberg introduced plans for an anti-Trump thinktank he named River Institute, at an event named Founder Field Day in May.